The Exhibits

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The Healer

Dr. Douglas L. Conner
Dr. Conner instituted the NAACP in Starkville, led the economic boycott of the business district and organized marches to force the hiring of black clerks.

The Advocate

Medgar Evers
Evers became an insurance salesman and helped organize a boycott of service stations that denied African Americans bathroom privileges.

The Dreamer

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
His “I Have a Dream Speech” solidified his leadership in the Civil Rights movement. He influenced President Lyndon B. Johnson to sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The Game Changer

Game of Change
An all white-team from Mississippi State was determined to play their SEC opponents, Loyola of Chicago, with four African Americans in its starting lineup.

The Politician

William Winter
Governor Winter has fought vigorously for racial equality over the years. In 1997-1998, he was named a member of President Bill Clinton’s Advisory Board on Race.

The Voice

Fannie Lou Hamer
Hamer became a national figure through her work in the Freedom Democratic Party which sent an alternate slate of delegates to the 1964 National Democratic Party Convention.