Clarence Taylor

1921 - 1999

Clarence Taylor was born in the New Light Community in Oktibbeha County and later moved to Starkville with his family.  He served in WW II from 1941 to 1945 and returned home to earn his High School Diploma from Oktibbeha County Training School.  He spent much of his life serving others, by becoming a member of the American Legion Post 240, Griffin Methodist Church, Oktibbeha County Board of Trustees, Oktibbeha County NAACP, and the chairman of its Legal Redress Committee.  It is the work that he did as chair of this committee that showed his concern for others.   Many days his yard was over flowing with people with many needs, from those who had been fired from their jobs, those in need of medical care and who were without health insurance, or help for a child expelled from school.  He advised, marched, protested, and donated to all who needed his help.  He was one of the leaders of the 1970 Starkville Racial Protest Marches.  Finally, his nominator said that “his heart was truly big, and he wanted a better life for those he served in the community.